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My name is Bryony and I am a self-confessed tea lover! I have run small tea businesses for more than 15 years – with humble beginnings in 2007 at the North Sydney markets to my most recent adventure in Tasmania, developing a range of teas using locally-grown leaves. It was during my time in Launceston that I began to develop a real interest in tea-provenance. Through the lens of a global pandemic, it became more important to source as many things from Australia as possible. There was a real surge of supporting local in Tasmania – and with the quality of growers, the clean air and the fresh water there was no shortage of delicious, fresh and unique ingredients. It gave me a real passion to find out more of what was on offer from our national growers, and the seed of an idea of a 100% Australian-grown tea range was sown.

Being a Cairns local for over 10 years, and travelling Australia for 3 years in a converted bus, I have realised that there are very few places quite as wonderful as Tropical North Queensland. We are spoiled with the natural beauty surrounding us, the rainforest meets the reef on our doorstep and the abundance of flora, fauna and wildlife is truly awe-inspiring. With a wealth of locally grown tea, it seemed the ideal place to launch my new tea venture, Great Barrier Tea. 

Watching the impact that current worldwide consumer habits are having on our environment it was important for me to create a business that stood for the values that I believe in. Tea is nourishing, vitalising, calming and restorative, it can bring people together and usher calm and mindfulness into a whirlwind day. I believe it should be enjoyed as naturally as possible, with the freshest ingredients, grown locally and ethically. 

Great Barrier Tea is proudly plastic-free and our tea packaging is 100% home-compostable. As well as striving to leave the smallest footprint as possible, we also want to give back to reverse some of the damage already done to our local environment. The Great Barrier Reef has suffered well-documented damage over the last few years, with bleaching events, climate change and a major cyclone recently affecting over two thirds of the reef. It is vitally important that this natural wonder is protected and restored, and we are proud to support local heroes working to preserve the reef for future generations. with 5% of sales donated to different projects from  the Great Barrier Reef Legacy, the Reef Restoration Foundation and The Great Barrier Reef Foundation.

We have scoured the country looking for the finest Australian-grown tea, herbs, spices and flowers to create some truly unique blends to support your wellness and your love of tea.

Where possible we use organically-grown, some ingredients are wild-harvested or foraged and some are from small growers, who although don’t have organic certification use clean and chemical-free farming processes. 

So put the kettle on and enjoy one of our unique, home-grown blends, for your wellness, for the Reef, or simply for a really good cuppa.

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